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INPRS’s Target Date Funds are Getting a RefreshStarting in July 2019, INPRS will be making adjustments to its Target Date Funds.
What do I need to know?These changes will include increased equity and inflation-linked bond exposure and decreased fixed-income exposure. These changes will cause each funds’ level of expected investment risk to increase and will result in an overall change in the Target Date Fund glide path.

Risk is a normal part of investing. However, it’s essential to understand what it means to your investment selections. Each of INPRS's investments has a designated level of risk associated with them, from low, medium and high risk. Risk, in investments, refers to anything that could negatively impact an investments’ value. In this case, INPRS uses the degree of fluctuation in the share price of the funds to categorize them based on risk. For example, a high-risk fund is expected to have extremely wide fluctuations in share prices and may be appropriate for investors who have a long-term investment horizon or have an aggressive risk profile. For more information on investment risk, please visit the website of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Changes will begin on July 1, 2019, and will be completed no later than Sept. 30, 2019. These changes will take place over three months to better manage market risk associated with trading. As a member, you may or may not notice much of an immediate difference in your account. If you are closer to retirement age (55+) and are in the 2020, 2025 or Retirement Funds, it will be vital for you to review if the new fund allocation is in alignment with your goals. The best time for you to check this is after Sept. 30, 2019; however, you can view our current allocation and future allocation here.

The new Target Date Funds are being designed to provide capital appreciation during your working years and income throughout retirement in order to combat longevity, shortfall and inflation risks in retirement.

This change will make the INPRS Target Date Fund glide path a "through retirement" model. To achieve this, two new Target Date Funds - the 2010 and 2015 funds will be available. The "through retirement" glide path construction can help members better manage longevity, shortfall, and inflation risks as they enter their retirement years.
  • Members who are currently invested in the Retirement Fund but, based on their age, should be in one of the new funds - the 2010 and 2015 fund - will have their Retirement Fund balances moved into the appropriate fund.
When you save for retirement, you need to consider:
  • How long you need your money to last in retirement,
  • If your savings is enough to provide you with the lifestyle you desire in retirement,
  • Whether or not your money is keeping up with inflation, today and in retirement, and
  • Your tolerance for market volatility – ups and downs – now and in your retirement
What do I need to do? In advance of these changes, review the detailed information on our website about what impact this may have on your investments and consider if the new Target Date Fund approach is in alignment with your retirement goals. If it is, simply understanding what changes are taking place is great! If you determine that you'd like to invest your money differently today or at another time, you can change your investment selections by logging on to your account at www.myINPRSretirement.org. If you need help, check out the tools we have available including:
  • myOrangeMoney®, powered by Voya Financial®- Use the tool located on your INPRS account to populate your account information or use the publicly available tool, here to identify how much money you’ll need for retirement and if you’re currently saving enough to reach your goals.
  • Take the Financial Wellness Assessment – available on your secure online profile; this assessment will walk you through your holistic financial picture to help you understand where you are today and how to get to your desired financial future. Just log on here to get started. Once you’re logged in, select “Financial Wellness,” located to the right of the “Home” button.
As INPRS works through these changes, you can expect to hear from us regularly. If you have questions, please visit our website, where we’ve provided all the details about the upcoming changes to Target Date Funds. You can also view our FAQs and video.
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