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Direct Deposit (Enrollment and Change)


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Direct Deposit Enrollment and Change Form

The Direct Deposit Authorization (Enrollment and Change) form must be printed and signed before returning to Payroll in the Bookkeeping Department of the Auditor's Office. Please attach a copy of a voided check when returning this form.

Direct deposit of your payroll is a condition of hire for all regular and part-time employees. Accordingly, the County requires that all employees utilize it. Direct deposit allows employees to choose the financial institution (bank or credit union) and up to two accounts (primary and secondary) into which their payroll monies are deposited. However, if two accounts are chosen, they must be at two different financial institutions. Instead of a check stub, employees receive a direct deposit remittance advice showing their current and year to date earnings, tax and deduction information. With direct deposit, the net pay is deposited into a bank of your choice on each payday.

The account(s) chosen will remain in effect until Payroll receives written notification of a change. To make a change to the banking information, complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization and Change Form located above. It may take up to one payroll cycle for the change to go into effect. Do not close out the account being deleted until a payroll is deposited into the new account.

The Direct Deposit form must be printed, signed and turned into Payroll before a change can be made. Please attach a copy of a voided check when returning this form to Payroll in the Bookkeeping Department of the Auditor's Office. Please use the Print & Reset button to print out the form. If you do not use the Print or Reset button on the form, your data will appear for the next person who uses the form. The reset button will also clear the form. This printable form can then be sent in the inter-office mail or faxed to 812-435-5027. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to use this form which is in PDF format. You can use the link to the left to install.

Any comments or questions, email a contact.

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