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Vanderburgh County Personnel Policy (Employee Handbook)

The Vanderburgh County Personnel Policy was adopted by the County Commissioners and became effective January 1, 2004. These policies and procedures apply to all Vanderburgh County employees, except when in conflict with special employment conditions by the appropriate authorities such as collective bargaining agreements.

This is outlined in Ordinance 2.90 of the Vanderburgh County Code. Click here to go the County Ordinances and view Chapter 2.90, the Employee Handbook.

Any questions should be addressed to the Vanderburgh County Commissioners. You can visit the County Commission web site or contact their office by phone at 812-435-5241.

Vanderburgh County Salary Ordinance

The Vanderburgh County Salary Ordinance was approved by the County Council at their first meeting of the year. According to I.C. 36-2-3-7, I.C. 36-2-5-11 and I.C. 6-1.1-17-5, the Vanderburgh County Council adopts an ordinance fixing the compensation of all county offices for the calendar year.

The County Council also establishes the "Vanderburgh County Personnel Administration Committee" to oversee job classification maintenance procedures, review County wage and salary policies, and make recommendations for improving public administration operations for the County.

For further information on the Salary Ordinance, contact the County Council Office at 812-435-5791. You can also visit their website at:

Any comments or questions, email a contact.

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